Lakewood High School Fundraiser

LakewoodTiger.gifThank you for visiting the Lakewood High School fundraising page! We're excited to team up with Denver Auto Hail Repair to provide you with the opportunity to get your hail damage fixed while helping our school receive vital funds. 

How this fundraiser works:

  • You have damage on your car from hail that has hit our area
  • You fill out the form below and will be contacted by a representative from Denver Auto Hail Repair
  • If your car qualifies for Paintless Dent Repair work, then Denver Auto Hail Repair will walk you through the claims process with your insurance company
  • Your car gets fixed for FREE (for most vehicles)
  • Lakewood High School recieves money, the student/parent who refered you gets money for their school account, and the PTO gets money

What does a car need to qualify to participate in this fundraiser?

  • Hail damage on the car
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage
  • Desire to help Lakewood High School

Please support our school by filling out the form below. Any questions should be directed to