1. Professional Hail Repair
    Denver Auto Hail Repair specializes in professionally repairing hail damaged vehicles. This includes pushing out dents, replacing damaged glass, and handling any other damage that happened during the storm.
  2. Personal Claims Specialist
    We believe in supporting you through the entire process of getting your car fixed. This means you will have a personal claims specialist assigned to you that will keep you updated, help answer any of your questions, and assist you through the sometimes sticky insurance process.
  3. Door to Door Service
    We'll meet you at work, home, or at the car rental location to make it easy for you to transition in and out of a rental car.
  4. $500 Waived
    Worried about the deductible on your claim? At Denver Auto Hail Repair we waive your deductible up to $500 so that is one less thing you have to worry about. Instead of giving the insurance companies a discount- we pass that straight on to you.
  5. Free Rental Car
    Even if you don't have rental coverage on your insurance policy, we'll cover your rental for you! We don't want to interrupt your schedule with getting your car fixed.

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